Cancellation Insurance Claim Report

Please read this first very carefully!

Your cancellation can be reported online using this form. You can start entering the required data by entering your policy number or booking number, postcode and house number. After each subsequent step, your data will be automatically saved in between. This makes it possible to complete your declaration at a later time. You can always log in again by entering your policy number or booking number, zip code and house number. 

If you have not completed all steps within 14 days, we will delete your data and you will have to start over.

Medical reason:

If you cancel due to a medical reason, then it must be as stated in the policy conditions "Serious illness". You can therefore only cancel on the advice of a doctor who also indicates this. So never cancel on your own initiative.

Further processing:

In order to facilitate quick processing, it is essential that the claim form is completed as much as possible and that you send the following documents at the same time (you can add them as an appendix at the end). Required attachments to the claim form:

  • Cancellation fee note (completed by the recreation company!).
  • A copy of your reservation or booking confirmation.
  • Attachments showing the reason for cancellation.